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A True Soloution For The Self-Employed


In conjunction with Guaranteed Home Loans, Design a Bond prides itself with an exclusive & excellent bespoke offer to the bond or home loan originating landscape of South Africa.

After numerous years and a prominent success rate for securing home loans for the self-employed segment, Design a Bond was a “no brainer” to finally create and launch a complete solution for the self-employed.

Equipped with strategic long-term relationships within some of the top financial institutions and complimented with our impeccable, pro-active experience, our team will be a complete innovative solution that will aspire to make a difference in the life’s of the SELF-EMPLOYED individual.

Informed, equipped and home loan approved SELF-EMPLOYED individual’s is our game and now more than ever we will be able to stipulate exactly the T’s & C’s with a concrete answer accompanied with a solution to any challenges towards a successful home loan.

We would like our brand to be known as the “true north” when it comes to home loans for the SELF-EMPLOYED. We want our clients to feel informed and have peace of mind with a sense of ownership during our process. TRUST is everything and we want our clients to know that trust is of paramount importance to us!

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Required Documents

Copy of ID Document

3 months personal bank statements

6 months business bank statements

Income letter from accountant

Last two years financials, signed and dated by accountant and client

Management financials not older than 2 months, signed and dated by accountant and client

Personal assets and liabilities, signed and dated

Personal income and expenses, signed and dated

Company documentation of incorporation if a PTY LTD then the COR39 doc and if a Closed Corporation then the CK2 document

Share Certificate to show your % percentage shares in the company or letter from the accountant to confirm % percentage shares.

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