Frequently Asked Questions

How can you Guarantee me a bond?

With our vast experience in the home loan financing market and through a lot of trails and errors together with all the home loan applications we have done through the years, we know what to look out for and how to assist a client to get him home loan healthy and ready for a bond approval. We do require a client to be open and upfront with any information we might need to assist him to get a Guaranteed home loan.

What do I need to do to get the process started?

We recommend we do a bond pre-qualification approval before we start the home loan submission process. It is at no cost and will place you in a favorable position to see what you comfortably qualify for before you go home hunting. Please note, we can only Guarantee you a home loan approval if we do the home loan application to the banks.

How long does a home loan pre-qualification take before we can continue to search for a property?

Once you have sent us the information we will require to do the home loan pre-qualification , it will take up to 24 hours before we reply to you. We might come back and ask for clarification on bankstatement entries on your bank account or possibly something we pick up on a credit bureau, but please rest assured that all these enquiries will enable us to make sure we guarantee you your bond.

What information will we need to send you to get a bond pre qualification?

Please click on the links provided to ascertain in which employment section you fall as this will determine what information we will require. Click on link (hier kan ons die employed info sit maw 3 maande betaalstrokies en as kommissie earned 6 maande betaalstrokies, 3 maande bank state en afskrif van klient se ID. As daar ‘n mede koper is wat employed is dan van daardie persoon s’n  ook. En as die persoon self employed is moet hy op ‘n design a bond link kan click wat hom na daardie blad neem en hy moet die contact us button kan click.

What costs are involved to do a bond pre qualification?

There are no costs involved to assist you  with your home loan pre-qualification but should we need to assist you to clear negative credit bureau enquiries, we will pre determine the costs and send to you for your acceptance or rejection. Please note if there are negative credit bureau entries on your account, we will have to get it cleared before we can guarantee you a bond.

How long is a home loan pre qualification certificate valid for?

It is only valid for as long as no financial information has changed since the issuing of that certificate. If you acquire new debt or not pay existing debt on time and allow an account to go into arrears, the home loan pre qualification certificate becomes null and void.

What costs are involved in the whole home buying process?

The following 4 costs are a given on any home loan application. The Transfer fee to transfer the property ownership into your name. The bond registration fee to register the bank of your choice’s home loan endorsement onto the tittle deed. The bank valuation fee. The property insurance on the actual bricks and mortar. The bank of your choice will offer you this product or you may opt for outside insurance. Please ask our consultant about his once we start the process for you. In some instances, you can include these costs into your home loan. Please ask our consultants for more information. The Transfer duty to the government works on a sliding scale. Please click on the link to see the table of costs commonly known as attorney fees and transfer duties if applicable.

What additional costs can I look out for once the home loan is approved.

Clients have a choice of various additional products to add to their home loan. They can have life cover in order to pay off the debt if the applicant and or co applicant is deceased, thus not leaving his estate with a large debt and who ever then inherits the property gets a bond free inheritance. Please note: Certain banks might ask for a life cover policy to be in place. We will bring to your attention should it is a home loan condition. Please ask our consultants for more information.

There are home loan loan amount products that will pay off the loan if the applicant and or co applicant becomes disabled or gets retrenched thus the policy will payout to clear the outstanding loan amount.

Do I need a will if I buy a property?

It is recommended that you make provision for who will inherit the property should you become deceased. It is at no cost to draw up a will and it is advised that you do talk to your financial advisor or an attorney to guide you to the best suitable option for you. . Please talk to our consultants if you require more information.

What is the process after I have obtained a home loan guaranteed certificate to the bond approval stage.

Once you have gone through the home loan pre qualification stage and you have found a property, please submit the offer to purchase to your Guaranteed Home Loan (dalk weer die logo saam met die word) consultant together with the estate agent’s contact details. We will then possibly ask for updated financial information such as updated bank statements or a more current payslip before we submit your home loan application to the various banks. This process normally takes up to 5 to 7 working days as the bank needs time to process the documents we supplied and to control and vet them.

We will then start getting the approval in principles from the banks to see who will give us the loan amount and term we require. Once we have gone through this process we will start looking at the interest rate and the bank will send out a valuer to do a site inspection of the property. Once all of this has been completed, we will present you with the bank offers and start the elimination process between the banks and concentrate of the 2 best offers and look at their rate proposals. Your Guaranteed Home Loans consultant will continuously keep you updated on the progress status of your application.

Once I have accepted a home loan package from the bank of my choice, what happens next?

The bond instructions will be sent to an allocated attorney, who is on that bank’s attorney panel,  who will contact you within the next 24 to 48 hours. They will ask you for your FICA documents and also who the transfer attorney is to be able to link up with them. Please note: Sometimes the same attorney firm will be both the transfer attorney and the bond attorney. Your Guaranteed Home Loans consultant will inform you of the appointed attorney firm.

How long does the bond transfer process take in order for the property to become mine?

It all depends on the deeds office turn around times as well as what the offer to purchase dictates. This question should be discussed with your estate agent as they will have a better indicaiotn of the time frame. We will be guided as to how long we have to get a home loan approval in place and then once we hand the process over to the bond attorneys, it will be up to them to try and get the whole process to ownership to you either as per the offer to purchase transfer date, how long it will take to get a rates clearance from the municipality and or as quick as the deeds office will allow, as sometimes they are on strike or currently closed due to a COVID case, which all contributes to delays.

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